Support Sleepingplaceorga – Schlafplatzorga unterstüzen!

*** german translation is in progress ***

Of course, the most important thing are the sleepingplaces! If you have any possibility to offer a place, or an idea how to make advertisement for more places, we are realy happy to hear about it! But there is also other stuff to do!

Support the group. We always search people to join the group. We have weekly plenaries, there we talk about the things which are going on at the moment. Personal support, money, doing the daily shifts, organising parties and KüFa,  Making Workshops, and thinking about how to do our work better.

Money mony money… To buy tickets, so the people can get to there places, doing rent support and also paying depending on personal situations, tickets to get back to a Lager, or to prolong a Visa or unvorseeable things costs quite a lot of money. You have anything left over? Donate it to us, write us an Email to, its your birthday and you want to make a nice soliparty or you would like to organise an event once to raise money for schlafplatzorga, this is very very welcome.